Our Commitment to you

TMC- The Mahr Company | Our greatest accomplishment for YOU is not behind us | It is yet to be |Your goals and commercial real estate needs | Whatever they may be| Wherever they make take us |Whatever they may require | Is our commitment to you |TM

Kobe Bryant exits on Top of his game| TMC remains on TOP OF OUR GAME

LA Lakers All Star | NBA legend Kobe Bryant | goes out in style with 60 points

Kobe Bryant showed the tenacity, toughness and talent that made him one of the all-time greats in basketball history. His final game with LA produced 60 points. A true champion and All Star.

TMC The Mahr Company | provides the HIGHEST level of service | persistence | skills | commitment and excellence | We strive to ALWAYS BE ON TOP OF OUR GAME FOR YOU


TMC-THE MAHR COMPANY ESTABLISHES PRESENCE IN ICELAND | Now that Iceland Air has direct flights to Tampa Bay | TMC The Mahr Company has now established a presence in Reykjavik Iceland | TMC The Mahr Company through our extensive contacts and strategic alliance partnerships there, will provide a myriad of services and opportunities for travelers from Tampa to Iceland and for travelers from Iceland to Tampa Bay, Florida | TMC The Mahr Company is UNIQUELY POSITIONED AND CONNECTED to explore opportunities not otherwise readily available. We are gearing up to be of assistance to on both sides of the Atlantic | in Reykjavik, Iceland and in Tampa, Bay Florida | More details to follow with respect to available services and opportunities.